• Study on the Physical Activity of the Elderly in Taiwan (in Chinese)

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  • Family Succession and Corporate Performance-The Moderating Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility (in Chinese)

    1. Hui-Ching Chang, Kun-Li Lin, and Yuan Chang
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  • Consumers’ Intention and Behavior Associated with Food Waste Reduction: The Case Study in Kaohsiung (in Chinese)

    1. Yu-Ci Guo and Chiung-Ting Chang
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  • Theoretic Model and Empirical Analysis of Product Sustainable Design Incentive Strategy for Circular Economy (in Chinese)

    1. Su-Chen Yuan and Chien-Ming Lee
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  • Efficiency and Productivity Analysis of Internet-only Banks and Conventional Banks: Evidence from Japan (in Chinese)

    1. Kuan-Chieh Chen and Hsing-Hua Chang
    2. Volume 112, Pages 125-170 download