Editor-in-Chief :
Chia-Lin Chang (National Chung Hsing University)

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RECENt aritcles + more
  • Industry Structural Change and Productivity Growth Measurement in Taiwan

    1. Tsu-Tan Fu, Chi-Ting Lee, Yih-Ming Lin, Wei-Hsin Kong, and Shu-Hua Wu
    2. Volume 110, Pages 1-49 download
  • The Effect of The Spatial Dispersion of Convenience Stores on House Prices: A Spatial Analysis in Taipei Metropolis

    1. Ti-Ching Peng
    2. Volume 110, Pages 51-104 download
  • Mixed Oligopoly and Optimal Trade Policy in the Presence of Domestic Private Firms

    1. Horn-In Kuo
    2. Volume 110, Pages 105-129 download
  • Mitigation Effects on Farmland Fragmentation through Land Consolidation in Chiayi County

    1. Hsiu-Yin Ding, Tzu-Chin Lin, and Chia-Hsin Liu
    2. Volume 110, Pages 131-162 download
  • Evaluation of Agri-Environmental Basic Payment Policy

    1. Hsing-Wei Lin, Ching-Hua Hsieh, Wan-Yu Liu
    2. Volume 110, Pages 163-219 download
  • The Impacts of Internal Control Weaknesses and Innovation Capability on Assets Impairment

    1. Ching-Chieh Tsai, Jo-Lan Liu, and Ching-Yuan Ko
    2. Volume 110, Pages 221-262 download