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  • Factors Affecting Enterprises’ Attitudes on Mobile Commerce and Their Economic Implications (in Chinese)

    1. Ying-Chi Liao and Jian-Fu Wang
    2. Volume 100, Pages 183-216 download
  • A Comparative Study of Disaggregate Input Efficiency of Banks in Taiwan and Mainland China: A Stochastic Metafrontier Analysis Application (in Chinese)

    1. Tzu-Pu Chang, Jin-Li Hu, and Ling-Huei Chiou
    2. Volume 100, Pages 149-181 download
  • The Effects of Government Employment Programs and Self-Migration Decisions on Economic Well-Being of Aborigines in Taiwan (in Chinese)

    1. Yi-Ju Su and Hung-Hao Chang
    2. Volume 100, Pages 105-148 download
  • Efficiency Performance of Colleges of Business in Taiwan - An Application of Stochastic Metafrontier Approach (in Chinese)

    1. Ni-Young Lu and Tsu-Tan Fu
    2. Volume 100, Pages 61-103 download
  • Incorporating Industrial’s Early Action Incentive into Allowance Allocation Rule (in Chinese)

    1. Chien-Ming Lee and Mingru Zhang
    2. Volume 100, Pages 35-60 download
  • Relationship between Industry Agglomeration and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Taiwan Electronics Industry (in Chinese)

    1. Hui-Lin Lin, Li-Hsu Chen, Mei-Lan Lo, and Hsiun-Hua Liu
    2. Volume 100, Pages 1-34 download