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  • Information Search, Belief Formation and Feedback Effect (in Chinese)

    1. Tzu-Min Kao
    2. Volume 101, Pages 191-239 download
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Subsidy Policy with Externality Consideration and the Flood Control Program in the Da-cheng County (in Chinese)

    1. Chao-Ning Liao and Bin-Hung Chen
    2. Volume 101, Pages 149-189 download
  • The Asymmetric Effect of Informed Trading Activity on Stock Return Volatility (in Chinese)

    1. Ching-Liang Chang, Alex Yi-Hou Huang, Siou-Yi Lin, and Chia-Ying Chan
    2. Volume 10, Pages 109-147 download
  • A Cross-Country Comparison of Responsibility Sharing in International Carbon Emissions (in Chinese)

    1. Shih-Mo Lin, Hau-Chiuan Yang, Jin-Xu Lin
    2. Volume 101, Pages 67-107 download
  • The Ticket Price Decision of Cultural Heritage : The Evaluation of Willingness to Pay for Tourists (in Chinese)

    1. Szu-Ling Lin, Der-Tzon Hsieh, Hui-Lin Lin
    2. Volume 101, Pages 31-66 download
  • Optimal Counterfeit-captured Rate and Tariff Rate for Southern Flaunting Merchandise (in Chinese)

    1. Wei-Chuan Yang, Deng-Yang Chou, and Hui-Wen Cheng
    2. Volume 101, Pages 1-30 download