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  • Unity is Strength? Assessing the Economic Impacts of Farmer Organization Membership on the Primary Farm Households (in Chinese)

    1. Yir-Hueih Luh, Min-Han Tsai, and Shih-Yun Yang
    2. Volume 109, Pages 1-39 download
  • Benefit Evaluation of Weather Information Service—The Case of Major Farm Households in Taiwan (in Chinese)

    1. Hen-I Lin, Sheng-Jang Sheu, and Je-Liang Liou
    2. Volume 109, Pages 41-81 download
  • A Study on the Determination of the Revenue Insurance Premium Rate of Sugar Apple: Application of Copula’s Joint Probability Density Function

    1. Min-Hsien Yang, Nana Chao, and Ruihua Yang
    2. Volume 109, Pages 83-114 download
  • Does Healthcare Accessibility Matter to Housing Prices? Application of Machine- Learning Decision Tree and Random Forest (in Chinese)

    1. Ti-Ching Peng
    2. Volume 109, Pages 115-167 download
  • Earnings and Capital Adequacy Ratio Management of Banks in Taiwan (in Chinese)

    1. Chii-Shyan Kuo, Feng-Chen Chang, Zoey Chang, and Shih-Ti Y
    2. Volume 109, Pages 169-213 download
  • Threshold Effects of Monetary Policy on Tourism Demand: A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Model

    1. Chin-Mei Chou
    2. Volume 109, Pages 215-241 download