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  • Productivity Gap, Collateral Constraints, and Loan Contracts

    1. Chien-Hui Lee and Yu-Lin Wang
    2. Volume 108, Pages 1-31 download
  • An Economy-wide Impact Assessment of US-China Trade Friction on Taiwan's Semiconductor and ICT Industry (in Chinese)

    1. Yu-Hsien Chu and Shih-Hsun Hsu
    2. Volume 108, Pages 33-71 download
  • A Policy Evaluation of the Impact of the Early Harvest Plan on ECFA: A Case Study of Grouper (in Chinese)

    1. Chu-Chia Lin, Lih-Chyun Sun, and Chun-Zhi Deng
    2. Volume 108, Pages 73-115 download
  • The Impact of New Rural Social Pension Insurance on the Labor Supply of Rural Elderly in China—Evidence from 2011 National Baseline Data (in Chinese)

    1. Fung-Mey Huang and Xiao-Wan Ye
    2. Volume 108, Pages 117-164 download
  • The Performance of Local Minimum-Variance Portfolio based on Taiwan Stocks (in Chinese)

    1. Wan-Yi Chiu
    2. Volume 108, Pages 165-206 download
  • Assessing the Scenic Beauty Value in Forest Recreation Area: Evidences from the Huisun Forest Recreation Area (in Chinese)

    1. Yen-Yu Lin and Wan-Yu Liu
    2. Volume 108, Pages 207-246 download