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  • Estimating the Value of Extreme Temperature Early Warning: A Case Study of Cardiovascular Disease (in Chinese)

    1. Wan-Ling Chiu, Ching-Cheng Chang, Chia-Sheng Hsu, and Yung-Hsuan Lin
    2. Volume 107, Pages 1-35 download
  • Measuring the Efficiency of Regional Economic Systems–Applying Network Slack-Based Measure DEA to Taiwan’s Counties/Cities

    1. Chih-Cheng Chen
    2. Volume 107, Pages 37-84 download
  • The Effects of Purchasing and Subsidy Policies on Dynamics of the Farm Prices (in Chinese)

    1. Meng-Yi Tai
    2. Volume 107, Pages 85-131 download
  • The Effects of the Pests and Diseases on the Optimal Forest Rotation and Land Expected Value Considering the Payment of Environmental Services (in Chinese)

    1. Yow-Ru Lin and Wan-Yu Liu
    2. Volume 107, Pages 133-176 download
  • Study on the Physical Activity of the Elderly in Taiwan (in Chinese)

    1. Yi-Chen Hong
    2. Volume 107, Pages 177-218 download
  • Assessment of Intangible Cultural Heritage Value of Baishatun Matsu Pilgrimage

    1. Shu-Ya Ou and Ya-Wen Chiueh
    2. Volume 107, Pages 219-267 download