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  • Degree of Asset Substitution, Disturbance of Stock Market and Regime Collapsing (in Chinese)

    1. Peir-Shyan Liaw and Chun-Chan Ni
    2. Volume 102, Pages 185-262 download
  • Capital Flows, Financial Openness and Housing Prices: Empirics for the Emerging Markets (in Chinese)

    1. Da-You Huang and Kuo-Chun Yeh
    2. Volume 104, Pages 149-184 download
  • Tourism Market Disturbance, Tourism Price and the Exchange Rate Target Zone (in Chinese)

    1. Meng-Yi Tai, Yang-Che Shih, and Lee-Jung Lu
    2. Volume 102, Pages 115-148 download
  • Consumer Behavior and Willingness to Pay for Taiwanese Frozen New Year Dishes (in Chinese)

    1. Yu-Hui Chen, Ya-Hui Chen, Yi-Sing Lin, and Chun-Hung Lee
    2. Volume 102, Pages 69-114 download
  • The Study of Critical Success Factors for Taiwanese Grouper Industry Management: Perspectives of Industrial Operations, Value Chain and Global Logistics (in Chinese)

    1. Hsiang-Hsi Liu, Ching-Ta Chuang, Jyun-Long Chen, and Wei-Hsiang Huang
    2. Volume 102, Pages 35-68 download
  • Technical Efficiency of National Production under Heterogeneous Technologies: A Latent Class Stochastic Frontier Approach

    1. Li-Jiun Yang and Yun-Peng Chu
    2. Volume 102, Pages 1-33 download