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  • Facility Farmers’ Willingness-to-Expand for their Greenhouse and Adopting Decision in Taiwan (in Chinese)

    1. Shang-Ho Yang, Hai-Jing Chen and Jong-Wen Wann
    2. Volume 103, Pages 241-273 download
  • The Study on Performance Efficiency of Taiwan’s Homestay (in Chinese)

    1. Po-Shing Pang, Li-Fen Lei, Jerome Geaun and Sheng-ju Huang
    2. Volume 103, Pages 207-240 download
  • The Non-linear Impact of Labor Costs on the Nexus of Service Quality and Profitability in Taiwanese Hospitality Industry (in Chinese)

    1. Tzu-Yi Yang and Chung-Chih Li
    2. Volume 103, Pages 183-206 download
  • Dynamics of Bank Productivity in America, China and Taiwan:The Application of Convergence Hypothesis

    1. Chen-Ming Chen
    2. Volume 103, Pages 141-182 download
  • The Added Worker Effect and the Discouraged Worker Effect in Taiwan Labor Market (in Chinese)

    1. Chung-Wei Kao and Jer-Yuh Wan
    2. Volume 103, Pages 77-140 download
  • Factors Leading to Increased Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Taiwan: The LMDI Decomposition Analysis (in Chinese)

    1. Bwo-Nung Huang and Jia-Jan Lee
    2. Volume 103, Pages 45-76 download
  • CEO Pay-for-Performance Relation: Asymmetric or Symmetric?

    1. Chii-Shyan Kuo and Shih-Ti Yu
    2. Volume 103, Pages 1-44 download