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  • Seasonal Inverse Demand System for Taiwan Vegetables (in Chinese)

    1. Sheng-Ju Huang and Jia-Jan Lee
    2. Volume 104, Pages 241-271 download
  • Evaluating the Economic Value of Water Conservation by Taiwan National Forests (in Chinese)

    1. Ching-Hua Hsieh and Wan-Yu Liu
    2. Volume 104, Pages 193-239 download
  • Efficiency of Taiwanese Banking: An Application of a Two-stage Network System with Shared Inputs and Undesirable Outputs (in Chinese)

    1. Po-Chi Chen and Huang-Ping Yen
    2. Volume 104, Pages 145-191 download
  • Designing and Pricing Commercial Stroke Insurance : An Application of Taiwan NHIRD (in Chinese)

    1. Hsueh-Mei Wang, Pi-chuan Sun, Jeffrey Tsai, and Jieng-Wuen Cai
    2. Volume 104, Pages 97-143 download
  • Factors Affecting Operating Performance of Global Third-party Payment Companies (in Chinese)

    1. Jau-Ling Tseng, Nai-Fung Kuo, and Po-Yang Shih
    2. Volume 104, Pages 31-95 download
  • The Impacts of Mode of Communication with the Bank on the Cost of Bank Loans: Evidence from Small Businesses

    1. Yu-Jen Hsiao, Kuan-Chen Chen, Nien-Tzu Chou, and Yueh-Lung Lin
    2. Volume 104, Pages 1-30 download