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  • Predicting Housing Markets through the Searching Behavior on Internet (in Chinese)

    1. Tsoyu Calvin Lin
    2. Volume 105, Pages 221-257 download
  • Printed versus Digital? The Influence of Individual Characteristics on Magazine Reading (in Chinese)

    1. Chiung-Yu Huang and Chien-Wei Wu
    2. Volume 105, Pages 175-220 download
  • Assessing Financial Condition of Local Governments in Taiwan and Investigating its Determinants (in Chinese)

    1. Ming-Hung Yao, Kung-Cheng Lin, Chung-Che Huang, and Jain-Rong Su
    2. Volume 105, Pages 123-173 download
  • International Vertical Specialization and Gains from Trade (in Chinese)

    1. Po-Sheng Lin and Yu-Lun Feng
    2. Volume 105, Pages 73-121 download
  • Health Care Price Regulations, and Hospitals’ Product and Process R&D (in Chinese)

    1. Kuang-Cheng Andy Wang, Po-An Chen , and Yan-Shu Lin
    2. Volume 105, Pages 39-72 download
  • (In)Determinacy, Bargaining, and R&D Policies in an Economy with Endogenous Technological Change

    1. Vey Wang, Shih-Wen Hu, and Chung-Hui Lai
    2. Volume 105, Pages 1-38 download