Editor-in-Chief :
Chia-Lin Chang(National Chung Hsing University)

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RECENt aritcles + more
  • Measuring Consumer Demand for Regional Sustainable Eco-labeled Seafood in Taiwan (in Chinese)

    1. Man-Ser Jan adn Shin-Chun Lin
    2. Volume 106, Pages 1-38 download
  • The Simulation of a Long-term Equilibrium to MPAs under Environmental Uncertainties (in Chinese)

    1. Shan-Non Chin and Ming-Sian Liu
    2. Volume 106, Pages 39-65 download
  • Analysis of the Managerial Efficiency of Tea Plantations in Pinglin Area (in Chinese)

    1. Po-Chi Chen, Hsien-Tsung Tsai, and Shih-Hsun Hsu
    2. Volume 106, Pages 67-106 download
  • Does Corporate Social Responsibility Make Banks More Cost Efficient?

    1. Lien-Wen Liang, Hai-Yen Chang, and Fang-Chin Chen
    2. Volume 106, Pages 107-146 download
  • The Dynamic Relationships between Fear Gauges and Crude Oil Price under Multiple Structural Changes (in Chinese)

    1. Wei Tsai, Jeng-Bau Lin, and Fang-Chin Chen
    2. Volume 106, Pages 147-177 download
  • Price Premium for Alcohol Quality Certification Label- A study for Kaoliang Liquor in Taiwan (in Chinese)

    1. Hsin-Tzu Chen and Yu-Chen Yang
    2. Volume 106, Pages 179-205 download